Choose the photobook software design tool that suits you best

Now you can design a Cahoots photobook regardless of what system you have available, with our new Cahoots Easy Designer photobook software. Whether you are a Windows or Mac household (or office), we’ve got you covered. No matter what platform you choose, you’ll receive the same high quality Cahoots book, made the same way, irrespective of the tool you used to design it.

Use the side menu opposite to find out more about designing a Cahoots photobook with your tool of choice.

Cahoots Easy Designer Photobook Software

Cahoots Easy Designer Photobook Software

Easy Designer for Windows
Please note that our mac software is not yet compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
Easy Designer for macOS

Design your photobook using our free photobook software

Some people find photobook software frustrating, but our Easy Designer photobook software makes it really easy for you to create your own photobooks and other photo projects. The software behind Easy Designer was originally developed for Kodak and is now exclusively offered in Australia by Cahoots. We selected the software in preference to many alternatives because we found it the easiest to use.

At its simplest, our Easy Designer photobook software just requires you to drag and drop. But with Expert Mode switched on, you can access lots of fancy functionality to really make your photobooks something special. With Easy Designer, you can apply many creative effects like drop shadows, backgrounds of any colour, page embellishments, and transparency.

No matter what platform you choose for your photobook software, you’ll get to use the same highly functional Cahoots Easy Designer application.

Bring your own photobook software

If you prefer to use other photobook design applications (e.g. InDesign), we are pleased to let you know that we can still produce a beautiful Cahoots photobook. A nominal setup fee, will apply, on top of our standard pricing. (This covers the labour required to take your output and convert it for processing using our in-house photobook software tools and associated workflows.)

We are able to take your correctly sized PDF output from a suitable application. However it must meet certain requirements, including page sizes and allowance for bleed. Please review our book specifications, before you start designing your book.

Download our Book Dimensions

Design your photobook using professional album design software

Cahoots is pleased to have our most popular book formats included within Fundy Designer professional photobook layout software. Simply choose one of our incorporated book formats and use the smart layout functionality of Fundy Designer to complete your design in no time. Funny Designer has sophisticated algorithms for arranging a group of images on a page and is aimed squarely at the professional photographer market. However, our own Cahoots Easy Designer has more control over individual design elements such as background designs, border properties, masking/framing, transparency, and rich text.

If you decide to purchase a Fundy Designer license, Cahoots customers can make use of preferential pricing. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a license for this software. (In order to export a book for production, a purchased license is required.)

Note that Fundy Designer will only layout the inside pages of your book. So for a custom cover, you will need to supply a separate file. For best results, we suggest using the Cahoots Easy Editor to create a cover. Contact us for further instructions.