Everything you ever wanted to know about our books – and more!

Photobook sizes

Choice of 4 formats

Cahoots photobooks are available in four formats – the Small Fun 21cm square book and its big brother, the 30cm square Large Luxurious, while in rectangular format we have the Classic Landscape A4, and its big brother the Large Landscape A3. For bulk orders of a corporate nature, please contact us to determine if custom non-standard formats may be possible.

Page Counts

All our hardcover bound books have a minimum page count of 16 pages (=sides of printing). Maximum page counts vary by book format and type of binding. Stab stitched books (i.e. stapled from the side) have a maximum of 72 pages of standard paper. Thicker books (too thick for stab stitching) require velobinding (i.e. using an array of plastic prongs that are inserted from the side and welded to a receiver strip along the binding edge).

Small Fun books have a maximum of 80 pages, Large Landscape books have a maximum of 140 pages, with Classic Landscape and Large Luxurious having maximum page counts of 200 (but we would never recommend a book of such thickness). The exception to the above is our Layflat books that have a maximum page count of 60 pages across all formats (due to the fixed width of the built in hinge).

Paper Types

We print our standard books using archive quality 160gsm satin paper (190 or 200gsm on A3 books), so you won’t be distracted by ghost images showing from the other side of the paper. Our hinged layflat paper has a similar finish but weighs in at a whopping 216gsm! For those that prefer a matt art paper well suited to portfolio books, we offer a warm white matt paper of 148gsm weight. The paper has a feel not unlike fine eggshell and displays a finely pitted texture when seen in reflected light.

Layflat Books

Upgrade your book, to layflat paper and enjoy 100% of every beautiful page, without wrestling with your book to keep the pages open. Our layflat paper is 216gsm coated stock with a satin finish. The paper has a plastic “hinge” that alows the paper to freely lie flat. This not only provides great visibility to details that are otherwise lost in the gutter of the book, but there is no wrestling with the pages to keep them fully open. Due to the embedded hinge, a thicker stock is able to be used, adding to the quality feel of the book. The layflat uprade is worth considering for those special books. Visit our F.A.Q. page and check out the information under the “Books” section to learn about layflat books and how to get the best out of designing a layflat book.


Our books are professionally printed on a digital press by one of Perth’s leading photo imaging companies, so you can be sure your images will be reproduced at their best. Furthermore, we back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For the technically minded, our books are printed using the sRGB colour space, as this is the colourspace used by default in modern smartphones and digital cameras.


White endpapers are used on the inside of our hardcovers by default. Black endpapers can be requested, for a nominal surcharge. Unlike a typical softcover book, it is not possible to print onto the inside covers.

Standard Finishing Details

Our books all come with light grey head and tail bands and for no additional cost, all our books have a translucent fly page that sits in front of the facing page, giving your book an upmarket feel. (Some of our competitors charge $10 for this!)

Fabric Cover Types

By default, a Cahoots photobook comes in a leather look cover in one of 5 available colours. This fabric has a realistic texture and is quite hard wearing and easy to maintain. We also have a range of special fabrics when something a little more sophisticated is required. These range from pearlescent cream and also a gunmetal grey buckram through to more ordinary linen and canvas options and real (bonded) leather. Please contact us if you are interested in fabric alternatives.

Custom (Printed) Covers

Most customers, however, opt for a Cahoots Custom Cover consisting of image(s) and/or text (designed using the same tools and process as for the inside pages of your book). By default, your custom cover will be gloss laminated. However, a matt laminated cover can be substituted by request.

Branding Free

Our books are “white label”. You won’t see any blatant branding on our books. A book identification is printed in tiny lettering on the bottom of the very last page. If necessary, with careful planning, you can arrange for the last 2 pages to be blank, allowing the last leaf of the book to be removed during the finishing process, if requested.

Special Finishing

Special books sometimes require special finishing, such as printed translucent fly pages, gold foil lettering, dust jackets, blind debossing, to name a few. Talk to us about your special finishing needs and if we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll refer you to a trusted service provider.

Sustainability & Environment

Our hardcovers are made from boxboard that is certified as a FSC 100% Recycled product. Our standard satin finish paper, as well as our matt warm white art paper and our premium layflat paper are all certified as a FSC Mix product. Additionally, our premium layflat paper is elemental chlorine free, and metal free.