Say hello to our new offering! You can now design an A4 calendar using our Easy Designer photobook software, using all the same tools and functionality that you are familiar with. Not enough pics for a full photobook? A calendar needs only a picture for each month and one for the front cover (meaning 13 landscape oriented images at a minimum).

Of course, you can use one of our pre-designed layout templates for multiple images, or freely place as many images as you want in each month’s panel. We even have a template that will allow you to place images in empty calendar date cells.

Our calendars are pre-populated with Australian national and statewide public holidays, and as with our photobooks, you can place additional text (such as birthdays etc.) as required.

Printed calendar pages use the same high quality 170gsm matt silk finish paper that are used in our books, with a heavier weight stock for front and back pages. Optionally, you may choose to upgrade your calendar to have all pages printed on 300gsm matt silk finish card, for an even  higher quality feel.

Calendars make great gifts and a Cahoots calendar is unique in that it comes with a $20 photobook discount voucher* valid for the whole 12 month duration of the calendar. So your calendar is two gifts in one! This makes them a great option for corporate gifts, with substantial discounts for bulk orders.

We have a number sample calendars for viewing at the Cahoots store, but if you can’t make it you may prefer to take a quick peek at our promotional video on YouTube, which introduces our Cahoots “Let Me Do It” Calendar.

[* Not valid with any other offer. Valid only for photobook products. Valid for single use only.]

Every calendar comes with a complimentary voucher